“Word Thoughts: Weekly Meditations for Spiritually-Minded Musicians” is a collection of 52 essays that explore words we commonly use in music from a spiritual perspective. For example, accidentals in music are sharps and flats which raise or lower the pitch to which they’re applied. But what about the things in our lives that appear accidental? Rests in music denote a period of silence when we don’t play or sing. But what about the rests we take in our lives?

In this collection of short essays, I have chosen one topic for each week of the year so that each can be explored and used for meditation for an entire week, allowing the concept to become part of the reader’s consciousness over a period of many days. The book is a perfect tool for any musician involved in a once-a-week activity such as a corporate rehearsal or a private lesson. The concepts and ideas explored in the book are applicable to musicians of all kinds, are completely non-denominational and appropriate for those of all faiths and ages.