It all starts here; my little corner of the music room where I am blessed for sit for many hours each day and work with some amazing people!
One of my longest term students; Tom Michael, came to study with me in 1991 and still comes. We joke about how, apparently, all these years later, there's still something new to learn!
Yes, that's my Lhasa Poo Amos. Yes, that's my piano. No, this is NOT photo-shopped. Really.
This is my student Shelley MacArthur in dress rehearsal for her Valentine's Day show at Millenium Park. I got to be the guest artist and sing with her that night.
Occasionally I have to kill something during a lesson. It's a rare, but it happens. This day, I knew the photo would have a "caption contest". The winner for this one was baritone Gary Alexander... who wrote: "I was just flying around, minding my own business, and then I was dead just a minor second later." Yes, we have fun.
Amos especially loves high sopranos. And if you resonate very well, he'll even sing along with you. True story.
Student Shelley MacArthur on stage at the Murphy Auditorium with international singing sensation George Perris. August 2014
Some of my earlier students (some who study with me still) throwing me a birthday surprise; from left, clockwise; Elizabeth Doyle, KT MacCammond, Joan Curto, Bradley (not a student), Daryl Nitz and Tom Michael.
The first time I sang in a CCP (Chicago Cabaret Professionals) Holiday Cabaret, (2005?) I was able to join two students; friends Elizabeth Doyle and Carol Moss.
This is Essie, Amos' sister. She's a Cavachon. She doesn't sing, but she's VERY vocal.
This billboard was very near my house. I couldn't resist.
No I don't have a recording studio in my home. But I do get asked to sing with students from time to time, and this time it was my joy to record with soprano Shelley MacArthur.
I'm not sure who's enjoying their duet partner more; Amos, or KT McCammond.
No expense was spared for "The Shirley Show II."
Shelley in a solo moment from the same show; "Summertime" by Geroge Gershwin.
Ah, we were young once... but hey, we still are, right?
Each June (usually the first Sunday) I host an annual recital for my students to sing. We always have an amazing pianist, and there's always a great variety of styles and levels. And then we have a wonderful reception with lots of good food and drink! Join us!
One of the main reasons I love what I do; I learn SO much from my students! This is one of my greatest teachers (students) Shirley Schectman, making her cabaret debut in "The Shirley Show" at age 86. Four years later, we celebrated her 90th birthday at her second cabaret show!
Baritone Robert Sims takes his lessons very seriously. Maybe that's why he sings better and better... and all over the country.
With student Shirley Schectman during her sound check for the second "The Shirley Show' which coincided with her 90th birthday. I know, right?
Congratulations are in order following the show; both for Shelley and musical director Michael Keefe.