"The more I practice, the luckier I get."

(Arnold Palmer)

Since first beginning to teach singing twenty-eight years ago, I have developed what I believe is a unique approach to vocal study. As a student of voice, I had both good and bad teachers. I have learned from each. The technique I first learned, which remains at the core of my teaching, is best described as a traditional Italianate technique. It is the technique that for centuries has produced some of the most beautiful and famous voices around the world. Yet despite it's impressive track record, it is a technique which I have found to be incomplete for the purpose of application to some styles of singing other than classical.

Therefore, though I teach this same basic technique to all my students regardless of the types of music they sing, I have developed some additional unique technical approaches combined with my own philosophy that seem to bring universal success to singers of all kinds. My teaching is designed with one thing in mind; to allow for beautiful and effortless singing which feels as good as it sounds, that will allow you to sing well into your later years. I believe a singer should never have to choose between what is better for them and what is better for their audience. After all, if it's not working for you, it's not working for them -- and vice versa. I'm pleased to know that, according to the comments of my students and colleagues, what I do seems to bring about such results.

My goals for your voice are simply your goals. My mission is to help you achieve them. Do you wish to improve your overall sound? I can help. Are you looking for increased vocal stamina, range or other technical abilities? Are you seeking better vocal health, perhaps due to vocal strain or even surgery? I can help you with all of that. Do you want to learn or coach an opera role, ornament an aria, perfect a dialect, expand your repertoire or your interpretive capabilities through vocal coaching? I can help with that too. If you have additional questions you'd like to ask, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to answer them.

I've often described the act of singing well as a five-pronged plug on a lamp. You can get three or four prongs into the wall and there still won't be much light. But when that last prong gets connected, look-out -- it's going to be bright! It's my great joy to help singers facilitate finding their way toward greater and greater Light.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

(Gilbert Perreira)