“Use the talents that you possess, for the woods would be silent if no bird sang except the best."

(Henry Van Dyk)

What’s the difference between voice lessons and vocal coaching? That's one of the most frequently asked questions I hear. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they really are two separate things. And while I do both, it’s important to know which one you’re seeking.

Voice lessons are about technique; the mechanics of singing, of which there are many. They include building your voice, improving your basic sound, increasing your range, stamina, power and flexibility, and expanding your voice's options. While voice lessons will improve your ability to interpret music, they typically don't address the skills necessary to do so. For that, you will need vocal coaching.

Vocal coaching can address many aspects of performing including both musical and dramatic interpretation. While coaching can certainly help you sound better, it isn’t about improving the voice itself. Vocal coaching accepts, for the most part, that your vocal capabilities are what they are. In vocal coaching, we work with the voice and technique you already have to create more meaningful and communicative singing. This is where we look at the style, character, and emotion behind the words and music, as well as improvisation, if relevant to the style.

I have a great passion for exploring the art of bringing music to life, and bringing the meaning behind the words to people's hearts. Touching people’s hearts is at the core of my philosophy
and is really why I do what I do. Whether you’re trying to unlock the meaning behind a baroque aria, seeking to explore the depths of a character piece from musical theater or striving to unearth something new in a well-known gem from the Great American Songbook, it is my great joy to do this work with singers courageous enough to “go there” for the benefit of their audience and themselves.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.”

(Thomas Edison)