Released in the fall of 2013, “Love Is Born at Christmas” had a wildly successful debut! I’m especially grateful for all those who have shared personal stories with me about how it’s touched their heart. Here are some public responses as well:

From Howard Reich’s review in the Chicago Tribune:

“Music lovers have something to cheer about this season.... one of the year's best. His plush bass-baritone commands attention in any repertoire... but it’s particularly well-suited to holiday fare that's all about warmth, love and hope. Edelfelt conjures more tonal nuance than one might have believed a single voice could produce in such familiar fare."

From Carla Gordon’s NY Cabaret Scenes Magazine:

“It’s impossible to listen without grinning… Edelfelt offers a singular healing tribute."

From Andy Probst’s NY’s American Theater Web, where the recording was listed as one of the “12 CDs of Christmas”:

“Edelfelt's mellifluous baritone invokes memories of crooners like Bing Crosby and Perry Como, even as he gives familiar tunes distinct, contemporary stylings… This disc, I bet, will be a fave for listeners for years to come.”