“Life Can be a Song!” is a collection of quotes and thoughts which can be applied toward making one’s singing and/or one’s life better. The idea for this book came from my remembering something my 6th grade student teacher in music wrote in my yearbook: “Never B flat, sometimes B sharp, always B natural.” I was smitten by her wit and wisdom, and her ability to say something so clever that was musical at heart but could be applied to my life as a whole.

All these years later, I find myself drawn to a similar concept. In my many years of teaching private voice, I have discovered that the more profound a truth is, the more broadly one can apply it. For this reason, by the time I’ve finished the second voice lesson with a new student, I’ve invariably told them that there isn’t one real truth I could share with them about singing that isn’t at least equally true for their life in general. This one thought has become central to my philosophy of teaching.

I finally started writing the book when, time after time, I’d say something to a student in a lesson about singing without giving it any particular thought, only to have them stop me and comment on how I’d just said the thing they most needed to hear regarding another area of their life. For instance, I’d be working with them on making their sound freer and would say, “Just let go and allow it to happen.” They’d look up with tears in their eyes and let me know that’s what they needed to hear about the relationship struggle they currently had. Or I’d say when working with them on high notes, “If it’s that difficult to do, it’s probably not right.” Then all of a sudden they would smile and say that I’d helped them to make a decision they’d been pondering for days.

A favorite thought which has become a sort of mantra for me is, “Do less… BE more.” I believe this thought can certainly improve one’s singing... just as I believe it can improve one's life.