Books and Writings

If music did not exist, I would seek a full-time career as a writer. Well, maybe a writer-actor-minister-chef-psychologist. But you get the idea; I love to write. Over the last few years, I have poured some of my creative energies into a number of literary projects; some small, some quite large. Here are a few that are ready (or nearly so) for public consumption:

Word Thoughts: Weekly Meditations for Spiritually-Minded Musicians” is a collection of 52 essays that explore words we commonly use in music from a spiritual perspective.

Life Can be a Song!” is a collection of quotes and thoughts which can be applied toward making one’s singing and one’s life better.

"First Friend" is a children's story which tells the tale of a little boy and his grandmother and their special relationship. It's just waiting for an illustrator... and a publisher!

There are also other writing projects in which I am currently involved which are in various stages of progress. If you are interested in knowing more or have any ideas about publishing them, let me know. I’d be delighted to talk with you about them. Either way, it is my hope and prayer that my writings are a gift to you.